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The Book That Got Teaching Right


Samuel G. Freedman revisits Bel Kaufman’s classic novel “Up the Down Staircase”:

“I checked several online booksellers, and, sure enough, no current edition was available. So I grabbed a copy from the library, and as I plunged into it I realized just how sadly appropriate it was that…


  • me: hello darkness my old friend
  • darkness: do i know u


Scheherazade by Ferenc Helbing, 1914


Scheherazade by Ferenc Helbing, 1914

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"Whoever said that light was life
and darkness nothing? For some
of us, the mythologies
are different."

Margaret Atwood, “My Life As A Bat,” from Sudden. (via elucipher)

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This is my stop


This is my stop

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SO between Tumblr eating up my drafts and me generally flitting between mindless procrastination and work, I managed to finish replying to this. Sorry for responding so late to this wonderful message, but I really wanted to give you a detailed reply TwT)

(Below the cut are prattlings including Sephiroth headcanons, my writing process, tackling rape/non-con in fiction, a photo of my desperate attempts at plot-outlining [complete with coffee stains], and one big Border of Taboo spoiler.)

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Thank you, Lilly, for such a thoughtful response! I appreciate getting to read your insights about your writing, and I’m irrationally pleased to see that I wasn’t too far off the mark with some of my comments. Reading how sensitively you think about presenting the characters/atmosphere/plot, it’s evident why so many people have responded so strongly and emotionally to your work. 

The biggest surprise to me was that planning plays such a big part in your writing, I think, since it seems to all flow so organically. But I guess that’s the mark of a good planner! (I loved seeing your actual notes, btw. Wish I could be half as organized!)   

So really, thank you for taking the time to engage with me. :) And again, thanks for the kind words. Despite the fact that I haven’t written any fic in ages, it’s really pleasant to think that people out there whose writing I enjoy are enjoying my work in turn. :) And I will admit…my interest in FFVII has been revitalized of late, due in no small part to your writing and artwork. I’m fiddling around with some writing at the moment…


Panic over the important things, like whether you’ll reach your Goodreads book challenge goal.

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