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Panic over the important things, like whether you’ll reach your Goodreads book challenge goal.

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But it is the grass that hides the viper from his enemies and shelters him until he strikes.

one of the best compliments i ever received was being told i would be part of house martell. 

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A Sephiroth x Aeris fanmix. [LISTEN]

"A person could have many loves in their life; they only had one murderer." - tarynwanderer, 
Tracklist :
i. Oh Death - Jen Titusii. The Frozen World - Emilie Simoniii. Pagan Poetry - Björkiv. Fill the air - Eivorv. Last train to wherever - Telepopmusikvi. Untitled - Sea Oleenavii. Can you feel the thunder - Susanne Sundforviii. Nothing’s burning - Telepopmusikix. So Close - Olafur Arnalds x. Sly (Dubstep remix) - Massive attackxi. Archangel - Burial xii. Lifeforms - Daughterxiii. How - The Neighbourhood-



A Sephiroth x Aeris fanmix. [LISTEN]

"A person could have many loves in their life; they only had one murderer." 
- tarynwanderer


Tracklist :

i. Oh Death - Jen Titus
ii. The Frozen World - Emilie Simon
iii. Pagan Poetry - Björk
iv. Fill the air - Eivor
v. Last train to wherever - Telepopmusik
vi. Untitled - Sea Oleena
vii. Can you feel the thunder - Susanne Sundfor
viii. Nothing’s burning - Telepopmusik
ix. So Close - Olafur Arnalds 
x. Sly (Dubstep remix) - Massive attack
xi. Archangel - Burial 
xii. Lifeforms - Daughter
xiii. How - The Neighbourhood



I did a thing

I’ve been tagged by the inimitable lilly-white. (Apologies for taking so long to do this! I’ve been out and about a lot this summer!) 

Give us five random things about yourself, then tag ten of your followers.

1. I am a huge fan of drag and drag performers. I’ve watched RuPaul’s Drag Race (all seasons) countless times and have seen live shows two or three times. I’m not really sure why I’m so drawn to it, but I am consistently impressed by drag performers’ confidence, their creativity and talents, and their refusal to confirm to a gender binary. (I also love a good reading for filth.) I even run a RPDR-centered tumblr that I started as a joke but somehow has over 7,000 followers. 

2. I am currently a science teacher, but am not sure that I’ve found my lifelong career yet. My ideal job: be paid for reading whatever I want, including old-school science fiction and terrible horror novels, and being beholden to no one. Anyone wanna hire me? 

3. I drift in and out of various fandoms, but have a longstanding love affair with FFVII. It was the first real RPG I ever played. I can still remember seeing the commercials for it on tv and being completely taken aback—it looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. (Whatever, I’m old.) And I’ve been an Aerith superfan since my first play-through.

4. The dog in my icon is my dog, Abby, and I am an obsessive dog-mom. She is horribly spoiled, but since she was adopted from a farm in Missouri, I feel like she’s earned it. She’s sleeping on the bed next to me right now. 

5. I don’t drink coffee and never have. I only drink tea, and regular old black tea is my favorite. A colleague of mine was shocked to hear that I made it through graduate school fueled only by tea! :3 

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Stuntkid aka Jason Levesque - 1: Cassandra, 2013 Digital Arts: Drawings  2: Donkey Skin, 2010 Paintings: Watercolors  3: Anatomical Apnea, 2010  4: Fleshing Out, 2010  5: Loose Lips, 2010  6: Something Wicked, 2012  7: Mia Wallace, 2011  8: Flutter, 2011  9: Paint Job, 2011   Digital Arts: Drawings

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Adore working that straw like a champ. 

Adore working that straw like a champ. 

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the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with

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pixel nyc subway


pixel nyc subway

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I dunno why but i find this extremely funny

I dunno why but i find this extremely funny

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